Fanourios Boat - Glass Bottom Boat Trips Chania to Theodorou

We sail from the old harbor of Chania to the famous kri- kri goat island, Theodorou and Glaronisi .
Fanourios glass bottom boat is the only boat which travels between Theodorou and Glaronisi during each trip, the passage is only about 3 m.

You can see and observe the wild flora and fauna like the cormorants or falcons on the back side of Theodorou.

You will be told the history and myths throughout the centuries and you will admire the stunning cave on the west side of the island. On the south side you can view through the glass panel the sunken junker 52 plane which was shot down during WWII. This is ideal for those people who don't want to swim but can admire the whole trip from another perspective.

For the swimmers, this is where you can swim to see the plane with snorkel equipment.